Welcome to the WOFOST system description


This page provides access to the theory and system description of the WOFOST cropping systems model. It is a background document independent of any implementation of WOFOST.

Given the complexity of the document it is written in LaTeX and is therefore only available as a PDF download here: _static/WOFOST_system_description.pdf

For a generic introduction to the WOFOST model see:

Wit, Allard de, Hendrik Boogaard, Davide Fumagalli, Sander Janssen, Rob Knapen, Daniel van Kraalingen, Iwan Supit, Raymond van der Wijngaart, and Kees van Diepen. 25 Years of the WOFOST Cropping Systems Model. Agricultural Systems 168 (January 1, 2019): 154–67. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.agsy.2018.06.018